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Lisa e Fra
Lisa e Fra

When they first met, Lisa and Francesca immediately discovered their shared desire to promote the Italian language and culture, as well as to reach people with their passion all over the world. This is how the idea of the online classes was born. Both teachers consider communication the most important aspect of the learning process and aim to make students capable of using the language in different real-life situations, enhancing their journey in Italy with ease and enjoyment.

Italian teacher in Bologna
Hi everyone! My name is Lisa and I’m from Rome. I really enjoy this job for two main reasons: firstly, because we always have fun here, and secondly, because what motivates me is helping people learn what they really need while they are staying in Italy.
Qualified Italian teacher
Hello, I’m Francesca, a Sicilian teacher with a world citizen-heart. I studied and worked in the fields of Linguistics, Literature and Human Rights. My teaching method places students’ motivation at the center of a productive learning process.